Tram-Anh LK Designs is a fashion-forward, eco-sustainable business. We are dedicated to creating quality handmade items sourced from sustainable and upcycled materials. The “LK” in Tram-Anh LK Designs stands for the phrase “loving kindness”, which is meant to embody all of our ethical values. Loving kindness might sound like the hippest new-age buzzword, but its meaning runs much deeper. At the core of Tram-Anh LK Designs, we are focused on living in harmony with all beings on this planet. We understand that we must all coexist here and we can all do our part in eliminating waste, protecting the planet, and nurturing each other. Tram-Anh, the founder, was first drawn to cycling as a way to reduce pollution and to increase health. This hobby drew her to a career in the cycling industry, where she soon discovered the abundant amount of waste produced. Old tubes, tires, and sales banners were steadily leaving the bike shop in dumpsters bound for the landfill. Inspired by the motto of loving kindness, Tram-Anh saw a direct way to intervene by turning this “trash” into useful, fashionable products that can be used on or off the bike.

We strive to reduce our carbon footprint by repurposing and upcycling found materials to create quality handmade items. Our accessories are one of a kind, handmade from bicycle tubes, tires, vinyl banners, and other found textiles. Our items range from wallets to suspenders, belts to bags. Each item is unique and will vary based on availability of materials. Your purchase is a symbol of your commitment to the planet, to yourself, and to the peaceful harmony of all living beings. 

All products are handmade in the SF Bay Area.

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